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Blog > Choosing color: a significant decision for carpet flooring

Choosing color: a significant decision for carpet flooring

Saturday, February 19, 2022 1:13 PM

Choosing a color will be one of the most fun parts of shopping for new carpeting and a little overwhelming.

There are many factors involved in making the decision. No worries, we'll help you sort it all out. You'll be guaranteed a rug that will look great and perform well for a long time.

Assortment of Styles

You’ll see a large assortment of styles in our carpet store. We also have the latest trending colors and patterns.

Of course, you want your home to be up-to-date, but remember everyone has different needs. The rug you fell in love with at your friend's home may not necessarily be right for you.

Look at lifestyle and room

Is your family large with kids and pets or small and quiet? Will the floor covering be installed in a room that’s the center of family activity or only used formally for guests; living rooms can go both ways!

The big debate: Which color to choose first

If you are remodeling the entire room, the choice goes in this order: sofa, carpeting, and wall. The product's selection size determines that order; this way, you won't you don't get boxed into any specific style.

Colors: Something for everyone

Earthy neutral color palettes and jewel-toned carpeting is all the rage. Blue is considered the “new neutral” because it adds color without overwhelming a space.

You can even combine them—layer neutral carpeting with a bold-colored area rug.

Your local flooring center Visit our showroom if you’re looking for carpet flooring (or hardwood, tile, etc.). Our highly trained staff will show you how to choose the best for your home.

Our showroom is in Rochester, NY. In addition, we work with homeowners and businesses in Brighton, Greece, Irondequoit, Webster, Hilton, Spencerport, Gates, Fairport, and Pittsford.